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Feb 28, 2007 at 10:45 PM

ImageAs a customer-oriented company in China, Topsource Seed is now dealing most seed businesses with foreign customers, including seed production contracting, exporting, stock seed importing, and payment settlement. The company is established in 2005, but many of our staffs have been envolved in contracted seed production with foreign seed company for a long period.

Before founding Topsource, Judy Yang had worked as a production manager for one of the leading seed production company in China for over 12 years. Having a strong background in agriculture and marketing channels, she is responsible for European and Asian customers.

Joshua Wang is educated in Chinese Agriculture University, and then he study and work in Chinese Academic of Agriculture Science.

In 2006, Stephen Wang, an agricultural scientist joined the company. All of us hope this will expand our contracted seed production business in the United States of America.

Now Topsource Seed Company estalished a wide seed production network those areas in China that good in seed production. Our Beijing office is a business office, other office in different area is seed production department. The areas covered includes:

  • Jiuquan/Gansu: our main office, for vegetable and flowers
  • Zhangye/Gansu: some high quality hybrid seeds produced in Zhangye, include small-quantity tomato
  • Chaoyang/Liaoning: for cucumber, eggplant, some tomato, and hot pepper, all hybrid
  • Inner Mongolia: process type tomato with paste factory, and some sweet pepper, cheaper price
  • Shannxi: special for biennial flowers, over winter in open field
  • Qinhai: special for pea seed production, good productivity and cheap price
  • Chuxiong/Yunan: for over-winter production, like pumpkin and squash, cucumber, high price
  • Tangxian/Hebei: the F1 tomato seeds will be harvested in July in this area
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The best area for seed production
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Feb 28, 2007 at 11:22 PM

Although the rainfall in Jiuquan area is very low (only 80 mm per year), there are still enough water for irrigation due to the 5,600-meter height of Qilian Mountain with eternal covered-snow extending on the south side of it.

Summer time in Jiuquan area is quite cool, whose day temperatures ranging from 25 – 30°C, and night temperatures around 15°C. Winter time is very cold, whose minimum temperatures can be extremely minus 35°C. Note that the Maximum and Minimum temperatures listed in the below chart, are the MEAN data for that month.

In such a cold winter, bacteria and insects will be killed by frozen earth. It is important for phyto-sanitary, that's why we can supply seeds with the most strict demand of phyto-sanitary certification and additional declaration.

As mentioned above, the rainfall in Jiuquan is about 80mm per year, but the water evaporated is quite a lot, which is about 2100mm per year. Such a drought condition is a threat to agriculture to some extent, but it’s good for seed airing.

In a word, the unique geographical and climatic features in Jiuquan bring many advantages in seed producing.


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Protection of Genetic Material
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Feb 28, 2007 at 11:36 PM

Protection of genetic material is the most important thing in let production of seeds. As our contract farmers and growers have been working with us for several years, they well understand the principles of genetic ownership and anyone who goes against the protection of genetic material will be expelled from the seed production group. Meanwhile, contract seed production under customers’ demand is the sole business of Topsource, we don’t sell any seeds except those surplus of over-production with customers’ consent.

For that hybrid F1 seed production, we usually plant male line seedlings in our own plastic house while those of female line in grower’s field. Currently we are studying some new genetic protection method like cryo-pollen hybrid seed production, which adopts cryopreservation of pollen.

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Now coming the sowing season for most of vegetable and flowers seed production. Our specialists and staffs all busy in starting stockseed and supervising the farmer. You can find some photographes about this.Write Comment (0 comments)
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